Sam Schobbe

Sam Schobbe

✨Creative printdesign & Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator✨
• SamS design: Textile en print designer for interior and fashion.
• Rebirthing Breathwork sessions 1 on 1.

Designing prints through drawing, painting and photography is part of my beautiful work. The prints can be used in various products from interior to fashion: luxurious silk and viscose scarves, duvet covers, wallpaper, etc.

In addition, the past 5 years I have been very interested in personal awareness development and personal and spiritual growth. From practicing Wim Hof ice baths, breathing sessions, retreats, hell weeks, training sessions, days of silence to mirroring.
It's all coming together in being the best version of yourself. I am very happy and proud that I am now certificated as a Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator. Are you ready to meet each other?

Lots of love,