SamS in the alderman's room Maastricht

SamS in the alderman's room Maastricht

A mannequin in the alderman's room.
Alderman Vivianne Heijnen has a mannequin in her room, every month the outfit changes to a new design. Heijnen gives a stage to starting fashion designers, in collaboration with organization Fashionclash.

The initiators think that this room is a good place, because many people come here, which is useful when setting up a designer network..
Deze maand op de mannequin sieraden van Iris Claessens en Kleding van SamS in de wethouderskamer bij wethouder Vivianne Heijnen, een podium voor startende modeontwerpers, in samenwerking met organisatie Fashionclash. Fashion House Maastricht, Stadhuis van Maastricht